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Monday, September 05, 2005


Here's my review,in short, of Opeth's "Ghost Reveries"......

Granted I have only heard about 4 tracks from the cd, I can honestly say that it didn't grab me like their other cds. With Opeth, I have always liked their dabbles with the prog element and how they kept to their Death Metal roots with the exception of "Damnation" because it was the second half to "Deliverance" which I have seen a ton of reviewers overlook when critiqueing Opeth's work as a whole. (Especially on I was afraid that "Damnation" was a wrong turn at the time but I understood their 70's prog influence so I took it with an open mind and for the most part the cd was enjoyable but I was looking forward to their return the powerful depths of "Blackwater Park". Unfortunately that wasn't the case with their new release. Considering their relationship with Steve Wilson, I can understand why... Porcupine's new release wasn't to appealing either.... Sorry Guys:(


S.Y.L. "Alien"(

With every listen to this Blistering Mind Fuck, I can only fathom that Devin Townshend will blow up from pure aggression.... When I first heard their self titled long from being a debut(I know I was late) it took my head off my shoulders but "Alien" is such a brilliant piece of work especially since the band has four albums prior and that Mr. Townshend has his own solo projects( Oh well, what can you expect when you have Sgt.Major Machine Gunner Gene "The Machine" Holgan on Drums..... FUCK YEAH!!!

Fantomas "Suspended Animation"

What can I really say to do a proper review of a band of pioneers?? To all the people that say,"It's all been done"...Yeah, go back to cutting your wood you omish fuck!!

I defianetly haven't done enough research of the musical material from Ipecac Records(
I would hope that anyone who goes to the website actually has a brain when it comes to music.

Here's a quintessential list of music you must own:

Atheist-Unquestionable Presence
Opeth-Blackwater Park
Fantomas-The Director's Cut
Ironchrist-Getting the most out of your extinction
Tomahawk-Mit Gas
Michael Manring-Thonk
Iron Maiden-Piece of Mind

Peace Fuckers!!!


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