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Monday, June 19, 2006


What a weekend!! The World Cup playoffs have been exciting.... Wait, Do I really give a shit about Soccer? NO!!! Fuck that shit!!

On to some real news......

Defiance,one of the biggest underground thrash influences from The Bay Area, is releasing a new album and DVD this year but it looks like it will be closer to Christmas.

*excerpt form their Myspace page:"In March of 2006, Defiance signed with Corporate Punishment Records. They are currently working towards completing a full length CD and DVD, with the addition of Mark Hernandez on drums, replacing James Raymond."

The current line up is:
Doug Harrington - Guitars
Jim Adams - Guitars
Steev Esquivel - Vocals
Mike Kaufmann - Bass
Mark Hernandez (Vio-lence,Torque)- Drums

*Official reaction from Ascension: "CAN'T FUCKING WAIT!!!"

Non-published and hard-to-find,"Void Terra Firma" & "Beyond Recognition" are available for free download(Mp3 @ 214kbps) from their website (
Thank You Guys... (FUCK YOU RIAA)
*S U P P O R T_ T H I S_ B A N D*

Displeased Records ( is in the works of re-releasing one of the most crucial thrash CDs in Metal History.... That's right, ATROPHY - Socialized Hate. They are also releasing "Violent by Nature" but I was never a huge fan of that release (No Offense guys) Their hasn't been any official word about the release date but I am gonna keep checking their website and I am also gonna contact them via email..... I'll keep ya posted!


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