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Wednesday, June 14, 2006


*!HOLY SHIT!* Almost a whole year since I bothered to do any kind of a write up on my own Blog. Well, since my last post, I have been caught up in a ton of "real" life shit. (Who doesn't?)

Music is still the fore front in my mind and it's always present in my ramblings(reviews) on Ofcourse, I still love downloading almost all the media I can get my hands on and thanks to the Bittorrent community, I sometimes get my hands on shite that hasn't even been released yet. I know... I'm a fucking criminal! Well, who isn't? Fuck, Puff Daddy..P-Diddy...Pee,Did He?...Started it! No one is any more poor because of this technology and most of the times if the stuff is worth it, I'll run out an buy it.

Anyways, the Mp3 format (even @ 320Kbps) or the so-called FLAC lossless format sucks if you truly love music. I mean it's alright if you pump that shite through your iPod/Rio/RadioShack,etc.. but as soon as you bless your home system with it then you hear the injustice!! For all you computer nerds, when I say home system I don't mean the Labtec 5.1,No highs-No Lows-it must be Bose shitty computer speaker setup that you blew most of your Circuit City paycheck on. So, for us Music enthusiasts we will pay the 11-16 bucks on the crap we really like, Don't worry Ms.Spears, no one will ruin your kingdumb!! FUCKERS!!

Well, here's a rundown of the current music/audio orgy that has taken over my Mp3 player:
IronChrist - Getting the Most out of your Extiction(Nirvana who?)
ARSIS - A Diamond for Disease
SYL- The New Black
Necrophagist - Epitaph
Neuraxis - Trilateral Progression
Spiritual Architect - A Sceptics Universe
Death - Symbolic(Fucking Classic!)
Mr. Bungle - Travolta(?)-Self titled(?)
Ken Bonfield - Some new work that isn't even mastered yet!! (Thanks Ken!!)
Note: I will be doing an extensive write up on his material and possibly an interview with him as well. If ya want to hear what folk music is like without folk influences, check Mr. Bonfield out!

Recent & Not so recent Movies that are worth seeing(?):

16 Blocks
Metal-A Headbangers Journey
Chicken Little
Cyber War(not to bad)
GodThumb,Thumbwars(Fucking Brilliance packed into 60mins.)
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence

That's all for today!!

Asta Lasagna, Dontgetanyonya....*psst*.... FUCKERS!!


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